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Sandton Apartments Hydro
86 Grayston Drive, Sandton, Johannesburg Johannesburg, Gauteng 2196 ZA
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Our new, updated website is now live! Feel free to browse, comment or book your stay... You can also view the website in your native language - we have partnered with Google Translate. Simply select you desired language from the top of each page.

Our mission at Sandton Apartments Hydro is to provide innovative services that meet and exceed the requirements of our customers, resulting in a reasonable return on effort, to ensure the financial success and continued growth of our company. We will ensure the successful continuation of our business by providing superior services and focusing on innovation and improvement in technology to stay competitive.  

Our team  is made up of some of the most experienced, able and highly esteemed professionals…   

Our Team

Our  Values

Mission Statement

In order to help us make choices and decisions in delivering the best services, Sandton Apartments Hydro has distilled its aims under the following seven key values:

Integrity - Doing what we promise in a consistent, honest & respectful manner.

Initiative & innovation - Being creative, encouraging  ideas & focusing on adding value to our clients and staff..

Passion - Caring more than our competitors and being accountable for our performance.

Leadership - We encourage all of our people to make decisions and apply their knowledge and expertise to all tasks. We will do this by:

•  Being independent, open minded and enthusiastic

•  Constantly developing & challenging our people.

•  Communicating consistently & regularly in an honest and open way.

•  Being open to customers & employees to see how and why we do things.

• Building strong teams and working together differentiates us.

Recognition - Recognizing & rewarding performance which exceeds expectations.

Courage - Having the courage to challenge change and strive for more than we  thought possible yesterday.